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Translations, Interpreting, Training, Consulting, Guide Services, Legally Verified Translations


Areas of expertise: economics, business, management, marketing, legal documents, politics, social issues, technology.
Other areas may be possible after discussion with the client.

Expertise, speed and reliability

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Ing. Stefan Vratny, BSc, MA

930 40 Stvrtok n/O No. 200, Slovak Republic
Tel/Fax: ++421 31 569 3906
Cell Phone: ++421 905 209 004
E-mail: vratny@nextra.sk
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Skype: vratnystefan

 ... based in Bratislava, capital of Slovakiaclick there !


  • My current clients include major companies and banks in various parts of Slovakia, translation agencies in the Slovak Republic and abroad (Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, ...), embassies, government departments. I interpret simultaneously at number of conferences every year and have participated in numerous projects of the European Union, including projects on regional policy, PHARE, projects related to minorities and education, etc.
  • 1998-99 Thames Valley University London, England: Certified Management Trainer, Consultant and Assessor
  • 1994-99 British Know How Fund, Training of Management Trainers
  • 1995-98 Various USAID projects oriented on management training and consulting
  • 1992-94 Transfer, Swiss Foundation for Management Training: Trainer
  • 1991-92 McGill University Montreal, Canada, visiting scholar at the Faculty of Management
  • 1991 Management Academy Munich, Germany, Training of Management Trainers (6 months)
  • 1986- Travel guide training, working as a guide for Slovak travel agencies
  • 1977-90 Import Departments of engineering and ceramic tiles production companies in Kosice, Slovakia
  • 1975-76 Production companies in London, England
  • 1974-75 Study trip in Asian countries
  • 1973-74 International Business Information, Tokyo, Japan, publishing company

During my university studies I did in-company training in Germany, N. Ireland, Norway and USA.

  • 1972-73 Columbia University New York, USA, Economics (MA)
  • 1970-71 University of California Los Angeles, USA, Political Sciences
  • 1968-70, 1971-72 Queen’s University Belfast, N. Ireland, Economics/Politics (BSc)
  • 1964-68 Economic University in Bratislava, Slovakia, Foreign Trade (Ing. - equivalent of MBA)

My mother language is Slovak.

I am registered as a legal interpreter for ENGLISH, GERMAN and SLOVAK languages.

I can also do translations from RUSSIAN and CZECH.

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